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Woodcut by Weigel (1698)

Peter de Koningh Bassoons

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Peter de Koningh began making reconstructions of baroque bassoons in 1977. Working with Danny Bond (one of the leading performers on historical bassoons and principle bassoon of The Orchestra of the 18th Century and The Philharmonic Baroque Orchestra in San Francisco) he developed models of the some of the 18th and early 19th century bassoons including bassoons by Prudent Thierriot, Paris (c. 1770), Heinrich Grenser (Dresden c. 1810) and a contrabassoon after A. Eichentopf (Germany, 1714).

Together with Marc Vallon (principal bassoon of both the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and the Orchestre de Champs Elysées) and later Sergio Azzolini, he worked on a project to reconstruct a German baroque bassoon from the period of J.S. Bach. After much research into the musical instrument collections of Prague, Leipzig, Neurenberg and Linz which were made by German makers I. Poerschman and J.H. Eichentopf (contemporaries in the later half of the 18th century), he was able to reconstruct an Eichentopf bassoon which was finished in 1998. This model has been purchased by many bassoonists around the world.

Working with Sergio Azzolini, he recently finished the first reconstruction of a four-keyed bassoon. This instrument is tuned to A-440 Hz which was the Venetian pitch standard at the time of Vivaldi.

Peter de Koningh Bassoons is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands in a rustic farmhouse that was built in 1890. All of his instruments are handmade.