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Woodcut by Weigel (1698)


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J.M. Linton Woodwinds, located in Elkhart, Indiana, constructs bassoons and oboes for the student. Instruments are constructed out of an ABS plastic composite and where difficult fingerings and reaches are a consideration, they give special attention to engineering comfortable, efficient key solutions such as plateau keys.

Once bought by Armstrong (now itself part of Conn/UMI) which eventually phased out the Linton trade name, it is an independent company again. Linton makes two models of plastic bassoons (the upper model includes a high D key) and seven models of plastic oboes. Both bassoon models have the covered 3rd finger C key making them easier to play by younger bassoonists with smaller hands.

Note: Sadly, due to illness, Linton has closed their doors and they will no longer be building instruments.